Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Having to be scrounging for your next meal"

Dinner and a Movie

Meal Prep
Join Netflix and order great movies like "Introductory Guide to Wine" and "I'm not there."

Wake up Saturday and decide to complete a to do list by executing a central Indiana shopping excursion, remember to purchase 10w30 4-stroke motor oil for outboard saltwater engines as per the Stair Master Owner's manual instructions for monthly maintainence. Skip over to Edinburgh to exchange a mismatched right shoe you have been wearing for the last month, drive around Nashville, but don't get out of the car, you don't want to encounter anyone that is not behind a counter. Pick up a slice of chocolate cake from a magical chocolate store in Bloomington. About this time you should start to feel hunger. Proceed to purchase a frozen box of Lasagna and Texas Toast from local grocery store.

Let's Cook!
Start the movie "Introductory Guide to Wine" while opening a bottle of Cab. Follow cooking instructions and set digital timer appropriately. Be sure to drink at a rate so that 2/3 of the bottle is empty before the dinner is ready. Come to the realization that in spite of a trip to Bordeaux you still don't know shit about wine. Leave the Lasgana in the oven too long and under cook the Texas Toast.


Enjoy the meal. Finish diner and enjoy a slice of cake with the movie "I'm not there." Be sure to skip the Inroductory notes so that halfway through the movie you can ask yourself, if Alf knocked on my door, would this movie make any more sense?

Approximate cooking time 50 minutes. There's not much cooking in this entry which leaves a lot more time for the movies.

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