Sunday, February 13, 2011

RESULTS: November/December 2010(Christmas Cookies)

The winners are in for the Christmas Cookie challenge.  

Most inventive/unique:  Christmas Mice
Best cooking story:  Lazy Bake Cookies
I desire to eat this immediately:  Salted Chocolate Cookies
Most effortless (but in a good way):  Lazy Bake Cookies
Best Photo(s):  Christmas Mice
Best In Show:  Salted Chocolate Cookies

As promised we have ACTUAL PRIZES for “Best In Show” and a “Randomly Selected Winner”.  The winner of “Best In Show” gets to select from either prize A or B.  The “Randomly Selected Winner” will get the remaining prize.


Best In Show:  Salted Chocolate Cookies
Randomly Selected Winner (using an Excel random generator):  Christmas Mice

Wonderful Prizes

 Thanks to all who accepted the challenge.

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  1. I'd like to thank God and all the little people! Thanks for your votes and God Bless America!!!