Monday, March 7, 2011

Winner of the Cookie Press Posts Results!

This isn't an entry for the Fireside Warmth cooking challenge. Alas, I couldn't think of anything to compete with mini-s'mores, which I adore, Paula.

However, as one of the winners of the December Christmas Cookie challenge (randomly chosen winner, mind you) I wanted to share with you the amazing result of my prize. I won the Cookie Press and it has changed my way of life. No longer do I have to wait for my sugar cookie dough to chill. I scoff at rolling out cookie dough on a floured surface! Fie to the bucket of cookie cutters dusting away on my shelf.

Now I simply pack a delicious butter/sugar/flour/salt/egg/vanilla dough into the tube of the press and magic awaits in less than ten minutes.


Here's a professional shot of me using the press! Just kidding, it's a google image I found.

Confession: OK, I've only used the press once, but I'm assuming this tool will change my life. And quite possibly my waist line. Way too easy to make these little bites of buttery goodness. Thanks, Sara and Mark for my prize! Maddie and I love it! 

Madeline found a way to complicate the wonderfulness that is a cookie press. She insists that cookie dough must be rolled out and cookie cutters employed, so she made the little discs into cutters.

These 8-petal flower spritz didn't behave. Oh well, still ate em up.

Just in case you wanted to see all the options for making neat little spritz cookies. Hearts were the big winner around here.

Good luck to all the fireside warmth participants. I'm hoping fireside weather is almost behind us!


  1. ADORABLE! You guys are cute, too... ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so happy that the randomly selected prize is being put to good use.