Sunday, November 13, 2011

cornbread-stuffed poblanos

This is short and simple. It's fall, which means it's time to make chili. I am not going to share my chili recipe with you. I want to keep that to myself. People have chili they make and like and I'm going to keep my best-ever chili a secret.

But I did want to share with you a very simple side we paired with our chili this year, using some of the peppers from our garden...and then, when those ran out, peppers we bought to make this again.

It's basically cornbread in poblano peppers with cheese. The poblanos are not very spicy, but have a nice kick around the cornbread. If you don't need recipes, that's all you need to know. Go make it and be very happy. For everyone else, here's how it goes:


- about 8 poblano peppers
- cornbread mix
- milk and egg
(per the mix)
- shredded cheese
(I had cheddar jack.
Pepper jack would, perhaps,
send you straight into euphoria.)


- Make the cornbread mix however the box says to do it. Or be a purist and make your own from scratch, but I think some things taste just great from a box and this is one of them.
- Cut the tops off the poblanos and pull out the center. (If your hands are sensitive to hot pepper seeds, these will maybe bother you a bit. My hands are REALLY sensitive, but the heat of these was merely noticable. Jalepenos, on the other hand, nearly send me to the ER in pain.)
- Sprinkle in the cheese.
- Spoon in the cornbread mix, filling each pepper about 1/3 full.
- Layer more cheese
- Spoon in more cornbread mix until the pepper is 2/3 full.

- Place the filled peppers in a muffin tin. (No need to spray.)
- Bake according to the directions on the cornbread.
- Sprinkle cheese on top with about 2 minutes bake time remaining.

There are only 6 peppers in this photo, because that's all we had at the time. But we had left-over mix, so I'm guessing this serves 8.

...Unless you like them as much as I do. Then they serve about 3. Enjoy!


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  2. These look yummo, Lezlie! A fun twist on the traditional popover!

  3. looks delicious! I always pair chili with cornbread, but next time I will make cornbread-stuffed poblanos instead!