Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile Verde

Hi all!! I actualy fixed this chili for our super bowl evening here at home. It has just taken me until now to get it posted!! It made enough for a party but it was just us!! This is a modification (based on what was on hand) of a chili I did for a friendly chili cook-off.

So here are the ingredients:

4 stalks celery diced
1 large onion diced
4-5 cloves garlic minced
1 1/2 cups canned cactus (nopalitos) *** If you can only find te kind that are preserved with vinegar - soak over night in lots of water to leach the vinegar.
2 cans Kidney beans, drained and rinsed
2 cans (small ones) salsa verde (brand name Herdez)
1 can tomatillos (large) or about a dozen fresh tomatillos with husks removed and roasted until tender (roast at 400F for about 20 minutes) - drain (if canned) and mash
1 package St. Ives Italian sausages or brats
2 tsp ground cumin
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh cilantro diced
Chopped avocado
Sour Cream (as veg heads we use a Toffuti brand mock sour cream - it is really good!)

Heat about 2 tbsp olive oil and saute the onion, celery and garlic until tender and transparent.

While that is cooking, slice the veggie sausages on a diagonal and saute in a bit of oil until brown on each side. Set aside.

Chop the nopalitos and add to the onion/celery mixture. Then add the kidney beans, salsa verde, mashed up tomatillos,and cumin - simmer mixture for about 15-20 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Taste often while eight year olds handle the photography!!!

Just before serving toss in the sausages. Top with your toppings of choice, add hot sauce as needed - Enjoy!!!

Even my pickiest eater Lily chowed down on this!!


  1. Yummy! And hurray for anything the picky eaters will consume! :)

  2. Nice! Love the addition of avocado!

  3. This looks good. I know that one of the meat-analog companies makes a chorizo. I think it's St. Yves, but I can't swear to that. It would probably make a nice addition to your chili.