Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicken Pot Pocket

For my first cooking challenge submission, I chose a portable chicken pot pie. I wanted to do something empanada-like, but I didn't want the hassle of making pie crust, which I suck at. However, I did have pizza dough in the fridge (thanks to Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a check it out). So, the result is more like a chicken pot pie calzone, or chicken pot pie hot pocket. Either way, it is delicious and you should make them for your next camping trip.

Start with your favorite pizza dough. I used the ABin5 olive oil dough and it was very nice. Get that all ready before you make your filling.

Cooking time: (not including bread making or frozen dough thawing time): Approximately 1 hour

Pizza dough

Filling: (makes enough for 8-10 man-sized pockets)
2 chicken breasts (poached and diced small)
1/2 cup each: peas, onion, celery and carrot (finely diced..except the peas you know)
equal parts flour and butter for the roux, to use at your discretion
1/2 cup or so broth from poached chickies
fresh grated parmesan cheese, or shredded sharp cheddar

While your chicken is poaching, cut up your veggies. When the chicken is done, drain and reserve the broth, and put the chicken on a cutting board. Using the same pan, melt a tbsp of butter and then saute your veggies. While they're getting nice and soft, chop the chicken into small squares. When the carrots are a little soft but still crunchy, add some more butter and a couple spoonsfull of flour to the pan to make a roux. I just mix it all up with the veggies until everything looks sticky, throw in the chicken, then add some of the chicken broth until it is not too soupy, but not dry either. You don't want it to be too liquidy because it will make the pocket ooze. Remember: oozing pockets are not portable.

At this point, heat the oven to 500 degrees. So, now you have the filling. Time to make the pockets. Take your bread/pizza dough and get a nice little plum-sized ball of dough. On a floured surface, roll it out to about a six-inch round. I didn't measure, but if that seems small, then...uh, make it bigger. Fill one half with 2 tbsp filling, not too much or you have, again, the dreaded oozing pocket of shame. THEN, oh baby, put a little grated parmesan cheese on it, maybe sharp cheddar if you like. I used fresh grated parm.

Now, fold over the pocket and seal with a fork or if you're better than me, pinch it like pie crust or a calzone. Mine looked awful that way, so I stuck with the fork method. Brush a little egg wash (1 egg white and 1 tbsp water) over those lovelies and throw them in the oven until golden. Around 20 mins. Again, I forgot to time it. Oops.

They are HEAVENLY and uber-portable. See, that's me holding and eating it while walking and taking a picture. The end.


  1. I can never get my pockets to look that good! This looks delicious and not at all oozy (that bit about the oozing taken out of context could raise some eyebrows :)). I say we market it as a "Booock Pocket". Grade A, nice and portable!

  2. That. looks. AWESOME. I really, really wish I had one right this minute. Well done, and welcome aboard!

  3. Those look tasty! Are they good served cold too?