Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Pizza is Better than Naan September/October 2009

So. This entry will cement my status as the laziest of all the lazy hos. Seriously. This pizza is BEYOND easy, and extremely tasty. One could complicate it by making naan from scratch, simmering homemade tomato sauce, and, well, I guess milking a cow to make the mozzarella, but why? Why, I ask, when there are fantastic pre-made products available? This pizza takes as much time to make as a frozen pizza, and is twice as delicious.
The ingredients:

Yep. That's it. Frozen naan, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

And you assemble it thusly:

You pop it into a 400 degree oven for around 10 minutes, and you get this:

Beautiful. And delicious. It's a tasty lunch, and so, so quick.

Try it. Now. I'll wait.


  1. Simple, easy & delightful! What more can you ask for! Yum!

  2. Looks tasty and is a wonderful IndianItalian fusion. Good work.

  3. Totally making pizza naan for Emma, who wants nothing but cheese and bread lately. Awesome.

  4. Brooke, this is the ultimate kid-friendly food-- even picky Nan will eat this. It's what we eat when Jay's going to be gone at dinner time.

  5. I found some nan in Muncie.. whoda thought.. not frozen though and from walmart.. but it did the job.. I'd have taken a pic of my result.. but I couldn't find the phone and I was hungry. Used fresh motzerella cheese pearls though, and some crumbled home grown dried basil.. so it was almost homemade!

  6. inspiring, as usual, and a PERfect busy student food! if only i had some naan, RIGHT NOW! Yum!!!