Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Castle Stuffing

I realize this post probably falls outside the expected realm for "Holiday Treat". I don't have a real sweet tooth, never have. Sure, I'll eat a pound or two of peanut brittle if it's placed in front of me, but in general I don't. Pam and I did some baking this holiday season, but I decided to post the holiday treat I like the best.

Here's the deal: I'm from Southern Indiana. It's redneck country. I was raised as one and many members of my family are proudly such. We are simple folk. We like beer, trucks, guns, loud music, and beer. But there is a hallowed holiday tradition in my family, White Castle. More specifically, there's a hallowed tradition amongst the men in my family. The women folk refuse to partake for reasons unknown. But to me, nothing portends St. Nick sliding up and down your chimney like a White Castle hamburger sliding in and out of me.

In fact, a redneck in a White Castle looks something like this:

So, for my holiday treat posting, I give you WHITE CASTLE STUFFING!

This recipe is super easy. So easy a, redneck can do it.

- 10 White Castle hamburgers, pickles removed. (I bought mine the day before and refrigerated them. Remember, White Castle is closed Christmas day for baby Jesus, so PRELOAD!)
- 1 1/4 cup chopped celery
- sage
- pepper
- 1 or so tsp. of poultry seasoning
- 1/4 cup chicken broth

All you gotta do is pull the hamburgers into little pieces in a big bowl.

Add in the celery and seasoning. Then slowly add the broth as you toss by hand. Empty the contents into a casserole dish and bake @ 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or so. Here's before the oven and after.

Reactions were mixed. Generally there was a mix between those who would eat some and those who would not. Of those that tried it (the men), it was agreed that it was quite good. Surprisingly, it didn't taste much like White Castle hamburgers, which I still can't quite figure out. Below is my cousin from New York enjoying it. For my dollar, enjoying this stuffing with your bird and some Big Red cola and you got yourself a holiday. Ain't nothin' sweeter.


  1. That looks... weirdly tasty. I'm kind of ashamed to say I'd try it. Well done, sir.

  2. This. is. awesome. I would TOTALLY eat this! I love, love, love White Castle especially sans pickles. It must be the second cooking that takes away the 'slider-iness' of it.

  3. I don't see why anyone wouldn't eat this. I've also heard a rumor that the onions on white castles aren't onions at all, but onion flavored cabbage. I've not found a credible source of proof for this though.